First Nations Environmental Network

1500 burke way SW sure 228

Phone or fax (403)-555-0123

October 27, 2011

Mr. Allan

School teacher.

John G Diefenbaker high school.

234 center street NE

Calgary Alberta

Dear: Mr. Allan

My name is Ashley hug. I am a part of the First Nations Environmental Network, group. I am righting this letter because we have many concerns about the environment. Some issues regarding clear cutting, herbicides, dams, oil and gas exploration and other degrading environmental practices are impacting our First Nations communities.

 The clear cutting, herbicides, dams, and the oil and gas exploration are causing many problems through out our community’s to such an extent that sustainability and survival is becoming jeopardized and future generations will be severely impacted. In the 1986 when some of our other First Nations representatives requested recognition nationally in the Canadian Environmental Network this was not initially granted but through diligent efforts our First Nations Environmental Network was officially formed in 1992 after many unofficial meetings and we were formally accepted as an affiliate of the CEN in 1995. During these years, many of the First Nations groups and individuals were active in forming support networks and opening up communication lines as concerns over environmental destruction of life supporting systems became more evident.


Ashley j. hug.