1)          What are the 5 industries of the tourism sector?


Food and Beverage Services

Recreation and Entertainment


Travel Services

2)          Why was there a change from having 8 ‘sectors’ to 5 ‘industries’?  Be sure to list the 8 sectors and explain the reason for changing to 5 industries. Those familiar with the former “eight sectors see  Accommodations, Food and Beverage Services, Transportation and Travel Services continue to be distinct industry groups within  tourism sector. Recreation Entertainment is a new industry group, and captures the former categories of Adventure Tourism and Recreation, and Attractions. An industry group only falls into the tourism sector when significant portion of its activities relate to tourism. Similarly, businesses such as travel media, tourism consulting firms,  and festivals also fall into large non-tourism related groups.

3)      Complete the chart below with arrows connecting the different sectors with the industries. 

8 Tourism Sectors   5 Tourism industries
Transportation   TRANSPORTATION
Attractions  Not classified  
food and beverage   FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE
meetings, events and conferences  Not classified  
Accommodation   ACCOMODATIONS
adventure tourism,  recreation and ecotourism  Not classified RECREATION, AND ENTERTAINMENT
travel trade  Nott classified  
tourism services  Not classified TRAVEL SERVICES

4)      Choose one particular industry and describe in detail.  Include…

  1. A detailed description of the industry.  The Accommodations industry employed 206,000 people in 2003 in hotels and other lodging operations in Canada. Many opt for careers in this area because of the flexibility of moving to different regions and establishments. Often there is good career growth potential, especially for those with appropriate training, skills and experience. Within this industry are several categories of workers such as front desk gest services and administration. Administrative staff work in all aspects of the operations, in management, human resources, finances,
  1.  Purchasing, sales and marketing.

Sales marketing provides service for the people

  1. Examples of Canadian organizations/business that are part of this industry.

Some of the corporations involved in this are the parks and attractions, marine facilities and outdoor adventure guide

  1. At least 3 jobs available in this industry with descriptions of the work and training required

.  parks and attraction’s  marine facilities and   the adventure guide

  1. The number of people employed in this industry (use the numbers from 2005)