planet earth questions :)

Planet earth questions.

1)    How much of our planet is covered in nature?

Answer: one quarter of our earth is covered in nature or ¼ of the earth is covered in nature.

2)    Why should we care if nature is gone?

Answer: we should care if our nature is gone because it provides water, air, and many other resources for us so if we were to lose it we would run out of resources.

busnes letter :) for envirnmeltal concerns

First Nations Environmental Network

1500 burke way SW sure 228

Phone or fax (403)-555-0123

October 27, 2011

Mr. Allan

School teacher.

John G Diefenbaker high school.

234 center street NE

Calgary Alberta

Dear: Mr. Allan

My name is Ashley hug. I am a part of the First Nations Environmental Network, group. I am righting this letter because we have many concerns about the environment. Some issues regarding clear cutting, herbicides, dams, oil and gas exploration and other degrading environmental practices are impacting our First Nations communities.

 The clear cutting, herbicides, dams, and the oil and gas exploration are causing many problems through out our community’s to such an extent that sustainability and survival is becoming jeopardized and future generations will be severely impacted. In the 1986 when some of our other First Nations representatives requested recognition nationally in the Canadian Environmental Network this was not initially granted but through diligent efforts our First Nations Environmental Network was officially formed in 1992 after many unofficial meetings and we were formally accepted as an affiliate of the CEN in 1995. During these years, many of the First Nations groups and individuals were active in forming support networks and opening up communication lines as concerns over environmental destruction of life supporting systems became more evident.


Ashley j. hug.

the green cities

 Calgary: The Green Electricity Capital.

1)    What environmental programs does this city run that make’s it green? Calgary renews energy by using wind mils for 75 % of its energy and we pal to make that at least 90% of the energy we are getting. Calgary also plans to divert its amount of waste from the landfills by 2020 and we are looking to use less water then the amount that was used in 2003 even with the growing population peoples can contribute to a 100 year plan with goals to use less water!

2)    What are the advantages to being a green city?

We save money because we don’t half to make energy because it is coming from the wind mills.

3)    What challenges might a city face in trying to be green?

A city could have problems such as not having the right equipment for certain things and not being able to produce enough for the city.

Okotoks: The Solar Centre of Canada.

1)    What environmental programs does this city run that make’s it green?

Okotoks has a solar panel system set up they are going to warm 90% of their water with this system!

2)    What are the advantages to being a green city

There water will be heated and they wont half t5o pay as much for hot water.

3)    What challenges might a city face in trying to be green?

They might have some days where there is no sun there for they wont have the water being heated.

Montreal: The Most Bike-Friendly City in the Nation.

1)    What environmental programs does this city run that make’s it green?

Montreal is going green by using less cars because more peoples are using bikes to get around.

2)    What are the advantages to being a green city?

They won’t be polluted by the fumes from as many cars and they wont have to pay for gas.

3)    What challenges might a city face in trying to be green?

It will be hard for the peoples to get around on bikes in the snow so they may need to use cars

five industries


1)          What are the 5 industries of the tourism sector?


Food and Beverage Services

Recreation and Entertainment


Travel Services

2)          Why was there a change from having 8 ‘sectors’ to 5 ‘industries’?  Be sure to list the 8 sectors and explain the reason for changing to 5 industries. Those familiar with the former “eight sectors see  Accommodations, Food and Beverage Services, Transportation and Travel Services continue to be distinct industry groups within  tourism sector. Recreation Entertainment is a new industry group, and captures the former categories of Adventure Tourism and Recreation, and Attractions. An industry group only falls into the tourism sector when significant portion of its activities relate to tourism. Similarly, businesses such as travel media, tourism consulting firms,  and festivals also fall into large non-tourism related groups.

3)      Complete the chart below with arrows connecting the different sectors with the industries. 

8 Tourism Sectors   5 Tourism industries
Transportation   TRANSPORTATION
Attractions  Not classified  
food and beverage   FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE
meetings, events and conferences  Not classified  
Accommodation   ACCOMODATIONS
adventure tourism,  recreation and ecotourism  Not classified RECREATION, AND ENTERTAINMENT
travel trade  Nott classified  
tourism services  Not classified TRAVEL SERVICES

4)      Choose one particular industry and describe in detail.  Include…

  1. A detailed description of the industry.  The Accommodations industry employed 206,000 people in 2003 in hotels and other lodging operations in Canada. Many opt for careers in this area because of the flexibility of moving to different regions and establishments. Often there is good career growth potential, especially for those with appropriate training, skills and experience. Within this industry are several categories of workers such as front desk gest services and administration. Administrative staff work in all aspects of the operations, in management, human resources, finances,
  1.  Purchasing, sales and marketing.

Sales marketing provides service for the people

  1. Examples of Canadian organizations/business that are part of this industry.

Some of the corporations involved in this are the parks and attractions, marine facilities and outdoor adventure guide

  1. At least 3 jobs available in this industry with descriptions of the work and training required

.  parks and attraction’s  marine facilities and   the adventure guide

  1. The number of people employed in this industry (use the numbers from 2005)